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25sheets Paint Paper 9"X12" watercolor oils fingerpaints acrylics tempera air brushing

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25sheets Paint Paper 9
Detailed Description
Hygloss paint paper is a resilient craft paper that holds colors magnificently. Painting lovers of all ages will be thrilled with the high quality of our paint paper which is suitable for caseins, oils, finger paints, and watercolors. 

Paint paper from Hygloss is the superior quality paper that holds stronger and longer than other crafting materials out there. When you see how resilient this paint paper is, you will understand why parents and teachers find this to be the best paper to paint on. Our paint paper accepts nearly all types of paint including casein, oil, watercolors, finger paints and more, making it a fabulous medium for crafting, learning and, of course, fun!

Hygloss paint paper is super durable, which means several great things for you as an adult or child. Thanks to the long lasting strength of this paint paper, paints of all kinds will stay put on the paper and not leak through. This means no messy clean up after a painting session and it means no disappointed faces from ruined projects. Our water, oil and finger paint paper holds the paint in place without bleeding, shedding or leaking of any sorts, making it lovely paper to paint on and ensuring that your precious projects will keep for years to enjoy.

Here are a few paint paper crafts that you can enjoy with your class or at home. Paint still lifes, portraits, or abstract paintings with ease. Incorporate art into a History, Cultural Development or Language Arts class to add some creativity to an ordinary lesson plan. You can also allow kids to do a free style on this paint paper and see what they come up with.

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