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What a Character Push Mold 2 Nellie 1" Face Polymer Clay

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What a Character Push Mold 2 Nellie 1
Detailed Description

Maureen Carlson began designing push molds for use with polymer clay in the early 90's, first for her own use, then for her students.  It was Dan Carlson who pushed the idea of making molds available to the general public.  And so it happened. The molds  were licensed to American Art Clay Company, Inc. under the name What a Character Push Molds.  That line of hard resin molds eventually expanded to include 21 molds, and were widely distributed around the world.  

Most of these molds are no longer available and they have become VERY hard to find. Several years ago, I bought a box of "What a Character" face and feet molds at a warehouse sale (where they were buried for sevel years prior) I stored them during a remodel and they are just resurfacing. All of these molds are NEW and usused. Many have the packaging taped back together because the glue came loose during storage, but all of these molds are new and first quality.

"What a Character" push mold are delightful tools from which you can produce an endless array of whimsical characters. Because the modeling material is still soft when you remove the face, hand or foot from the mold, you can stretch, flatte,. carve indent or add more material to it! Use them to create ornaments, jewelry, magnets, dolls, sculptures, & more!

This listing is for "What a Character Face Mold No.2. This Nellie Cordelia1" face mold was designed in the early 1990s! See our other listings to see what other molds may be available

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