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USArtQuest Pure Natural MICA Tiles Grand Effects Size

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USArtQuest Pure Natural MICA Tiles Grand Effects Size
Detailed Description

Mica Tiles

Mica Tiles are compressed layers of all naturally mined mica. Each Tile can be delaminated (separated), increasing the quantity by many times! Pressed flowers, pictures, photos and stamps can be sandwiched in between the delaminated layers, which can then be re-adhered using Great Tape, Perfect Paper Adhesive-Gloss, embossing powders, Gossamer fibers, double-sided tapes and more.

These Tiles are called Grand Effects for a good reason. Each is about the size of a small luncheon plate, dinner plate or elongated piece - sometimes measuring over 12". These are darker, unless split, often have unique colorations, giving each their own unique look, and are used by artisans to create a myriad of projects, where larger clearer mica is needed. Some suggestions for use include: Lamps, luminaries, table screens, book covers, picture frames, window effects for small furniture pieces, and mosaics.

Product features:

  • Archival
  • Lightfast
  • Acid Free
  • Heat resistant

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