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2mm Cork 12 x 24" Roll High Quality Thin Sheet 39841

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2mm Cork 12 x 24
Detailed Description
Cork sheets are among the most popular arts and crafts supplies because cork is a natural material that retains heat, absorbs moisture, and is incredibly flexible. 

In addition to all the benefits listed above, cork sheets cut easily into any shape or size you desire and, because cork is a naturally permeable medium, your corkboard sheets will absorb most materials. This makes sheets of cork ideal for hundreds of project ideas. Create your own note board with corkboard sheets. You can hang the sheets of cork anywhere along the wall for an instant message board. A simple wooden frame can enhance the note board even more. Make attractive signs that are sure to hold your children's attention from versatile cork sheets. You can also send a unique greeting card or cheerful note on a decorated cork sheet.

Cut out letters and numbers for durable pieces in your future word and math games. Sheets of cork also make the perfect protective layer or table covers to ensure that your work surface does not become damaged during projects and play. For separate projects, children can each have their own cork sheet project mats for individual damage control as well. Cork isn't just convenient for art projects, though. In addition to the many uses listed above, corkboard sheets are natural insulating materials and can help in a number of science experiments. the uses for this fun and functional classroom essential go on and on. With so many fabulous ideas, cork sheets are a must have for every classroom and home.

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