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MANDALA Metal Template 4-Petal Flower 4066503

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MANDALA Metal Template 4-Petal Flower 4066503
Detailed Description
Mandala Template - Clarity

Mandala Template - 4 Petal Flower/Square

Mandalas have been a form of art since ancient times, now you can create your own beautifull mandala artwork on paper using cutting, embossing,and embroidery on paper techniques.You will find that the templates will provide you with many design possibilities for reflecting your true inner self and cosmic creativity. A Mandala is any design that radiates outward from a center point, fix a pin through your paper into the center of the template and rotate your paper according to the pattern that youd like to repeat, there is no wrong way, and the combinations are countless! Cut out your shapes and layer them using differnt colours and textures of paper for even more combinations.

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