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CutterGlide & E-Z EZ Glide Tool Treatment & Cleaner

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CutterGlide & E-Z EZ Glide Tool Treatment & Cleaner
CutterGlide & E-Z EZ Glide Tool Treatment & Cleaner
CutterGlide & E-Z EZ Glide Tool Treatment & Cleaner
CutterGlide & E-Z EZ Glide Tool Treatment & Cleaner
Detailed Description
Cutter Glide E-Z Tool Cleaner: One Listing TWO great products! E-Z Tool Cleaner & Cutter Glide -- Punches sticking? We found a great solution! Try E-Z Tool Cleaner & Cutter Glide. E-Z Tool Cleaner is a powerful, solvent-free, environmentally safe cleaner, which will remove sticky adhesives from your punches--just wipe on and wipe off. Adhesives are easily removed--even from the cutting surfaces! E-Z Tool Cleaner is also useful to clean residue from scissors and ink build-up from your rubber stamps!

Cutter Glide is a treatment that is solvent-free & environmentally safe. It bonds to cutting blades, craft punches, scissors, needles, and even polymer clay tools--resisting drag and allowing for a smoother more even movement. This durable treatment will reduce friction and increase the life of your tools.

We wanted to put Cutter Glide to the test so we tried it on a punch that we thought was ruined. Last year, we purchased the stock of a scrapbooking store that went out of business. Among our purchased were a number of "well-loved" punches. One of these punches was seriously jammed. It had obviously been used to punch through some very sticky sticker paper. I applied a generous coat of E-Z Tool Cleaner and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Then I started working it back and forth and the punch released. Once open, it was easy to clean thoroughly. Next, I applied a good coat of cutter glide and punched a couple of times to remove the excess adhesive. It was sticking, but it would punch. I left the punch to dry overnight and the next day the punch worked like new. I don't understand exactly why this works, but it does! This is an excellent product. You have to try it to really appreciate how good it is.

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